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Ding Dong Denny O'Reilly

Ding Dong Denny O'Reilly and the Hairy Bowsies - "Publocked"
Re-Released Sept 5 on Eire Records - Distributed through RMG-Chart
Includes the new bonus track "The Ballad of Don McRae (Oohah)"
LIVE (solo) in Whelans - Wexford Street - Dublin - Sept 8 - €10

Mental in the head it is. Two releases on the same day. Prison re-release and Album Re-release. But am I celebratin'? No! Well I'm still in bleedin' prison - what diya expect. No, the release date is the 5th September. An' I'll be doin' a show on me todd in
Whelans on the Monday 8th. Not a celebration but. No, I won't be celebratin'. Good Behavior. Imagine. Ding Dong released on good behaviour. It's true: the shame of it. I'm scarlet for meself. But I tell ya, I'm glad I'm out. I was in one o' them ponsy open
prisons that looked more like a nursery. Must be to make the priests feel more at home or someting. Ah no! I lament the good oul prisons of yesteryear. Sloppin' out, Slop for dinner and bein' stabbed with a spoon. Ah! Happy days. Why couldn't I have been in the
Joy with me young fella Wolfe. Wolfe was sayin' that there's a real sixties druggy "vibe", as he called it, in there. He said the minute you're in. Ya talk to the man. An' then on with the radio. Tune in, Turn on and Slop out for four years. Inanyway. everytime
I come outa the nick they've destroyed another little bit o' Dublin. I never like seein' Dublin sober. But it's that trip to the gaff. that upsets me so much - that sober journey. Dublin grows more like England everyday. It is England. Marks and Spencers, Next,
Habitat. you name it. And now we're getting a light rail to get us where we want to go. A light ale always got me where I want to go. Anyway from what I see. what yis need to get you where you want to go is a bleedin' plane. To England. Instead o' turnin' my
lovely Dublin into the bleeedin' place. No, I'm back. Lets re-establish those values that are truly Irish - drinkin', spittin, pukin

', fightin' and incest - the things that define us as a nation.

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  Paul Woodfull - Creator of Ding Dong Denny O'Reilly

Paul Woodfull is a comedy writer, performer and musician. He was born in Dublin 44 years ago and spent his early days working as a draughtsman, musician and graphic designer. His career in comedy began 15 years ago.

In 1988, with Arthur Mathews, he formed the Joshua Trio. It was a five year adventure that went from riding a live donkey into the Baggot Inn, to appearing on numerous British and Irish TV shows. This ludicrous U2 parody band sprang from the gloriously chaotic
and creative Hotpress production weekends where they both Paul and Arthur worked as graphic designers.

By 1989 The Joshua Trio found themselves supported by cabaret legend Tony St James - another Paul Woodfull creation. Tony was Ireland's version of the libidinous 70's "medallion man" a wannabe sex God in pre-sex Ireland. Tony would go on to be a star in his own right, selling out the Olympia theatre and appearing numerous times on TV. An early incarnation of Father Ted used to preach sermons during Tony's show.

Dazzled by the glamour of the showbiz world, Paul couldn't resist indulging his pop star fantasies. So, in the twilight years of The Joshua Trio, he put together The Glam Tarts and Abbaesque with his brother Kieran. These proved to be very successful, with
Abbaesque headlining the Point Depot on new year's eve 1998.

Paul's response to the cultural and economic miracle of the late nineties Ireland was a drunken, vomiting, republican ballad singer, Ding Dong Denny O'Reilly.

Ding Dong was the nemesis of the Celtic Tiger. Through his album and magazine "Publocked" and live performances with his band, The Hairy Bowsies, he advocated a return to the traditional values of drinking, spitting, puking, fighting, hating the English and incest. The values he believed define us as a nation.

Since June '99, Paul has been playing the part of DJ Gary on 2FM's Saturday Show. Gary, a young Dublin yob, is the foil to chummy presenter, Will Leahy.

Most recently Paul has been working with his old Hotpress comrades Arthur Matthews and Damian Corless on BBC 2 sketch show "Big Train" and on Luneen live on RTE Radio One.

The Joshua Trio:

TV Appearances:
Rapido BBC 2
The Jonathan Ross Show Channel 4
MTV Europe and US
Live at the Astoria Sky TV
Trading Places ITV
Kenny Live
The Den
Various Irish TV shows

The Steve Wright Show BBC Radio One
GLR morning show
Various English radio stations
Various RTE radio shows

Tony St James (a bad Irish medallion man lounge singer character)

TV Appearances:
The Gerry Ryan Show
The Den
Good Grief Moncrief
6.01 News


Various Irish radio shows.

As the hooligan martial arts instructor character "Martin Gaffney" appeared on RTE Televisions "The End" 12 times.

Appeared in Fr. Ted in 3 different episodes as:
The Ziggy Priest
The Greyhound racetrack owner
A Taxi driver

Ding Dong Denny O'Reilly (drunken republican ballad singer)

TV Appearances:
The Late Late show
The Gerry Ryan Show
One Year in, One year out
Colin Murphy pilot show UTV
Don't Feed the Gondolas
Dublin Nights C4

The John Creedon Show Radio One - 3 times per week
Today FM
Various Regional stations

CD and cassette "Publocked" originally released on Solid Records throughout Ireland in 2000.

W Gary (a young Dublin drug taking yob who boasts of his drunken, violent exploits)

Written sketches with Arthur Matthews (writer of Fr. Ted) for "Big Train" on BBC2

Co-wrote RTE1, six part series, "Luneen Live" with Arthur Matthews

There were also various appearances on radio and TV as The Glam Tarts,
Abbaesque and as himself on discussion programs.

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