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Album-All The Riches
Label-The Noiseannoys Label
Release Date-10th September 2003

All The Riches was recorded in a totally organic manner at Ventry Studios, Ballybrack, Dublin, Ireland. The album was produced by Dave McCune. He got picked for the job by Darby based on his handling of many best selling albums previously released on the Irish market. Darby played his own Fender Tele and Strat married to a Blue speakered vintage Vox AC30. Darby played lead, rhythm and slide guitar along with vocals.

The album features noted keyboard player Justin Carroll playing an old and bruised Hammond organ. Justin also played a full size Yamaha Grand Piano, recorded on location in County Kildare. Dave McCune was quite busy. Along with producing and engineering the album he played drums and acoustic guitar. Tony Molloy held the bass end together. Tony has far too many credits to list them here! Ger Kiely, a noted producer in his own right, played a driving rhythm guitar on four of the tracks. Buy the album to find out which ones.Randall Rainwater is an American and he played Lap Steel on Mansion of the Heart. Backing vocals were provided by David Moore (all tracks) and Lynn O'Hara (two tracks). The album was mastered by the ubiquitous Robyn Robbins at Mid Atlantic Digital, Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh, Ireland.


Hot Press August 2003

All The Riches [Noiseannoys]

Darby Carroll has worked the coalFace of songwriting in this country, with no visible rewards, bar the satisfaction of knowing that if you keep writing good material, something has eventually got to give. On the evidence of this, his debut album, he may well have a point, for it's as good a collection of material as I've heard in recent times, inviting comparisons with better known names like Paul Brady and - from a vocal perspective - Liam Reilly. His is a strong presence, which comfortably inhabits the material, driven by lovely slide guitar and keyboard work throughout, particularly on songs like 'Mercy' and the album's title track. The feel of the project brings the work of people such as Clive Gregson to mind, and strongly suggests that if someone does a bit of graft on his behalf that these songs could well find a sympathetic publisher in the short to middle distance with a view to getting lots of covers. Very impressive indeed.
Oliver P.Sweeney

The Irish Times August 2003
All The Riches Noiseannoys * * *

Striking a mid-life poise between hope and heartbreak, Darby Carroll's soft rock debut seems destined for the mid afternoon play lists of Radio 1. A competent tunesmith and a discreetly clever lyricist, Tipperary's Carroll offers bittersweet odes to a tumultuous love - unsure whether he should woo or shoo. Luckiest Man, Mercy, Fall of a Tear and the title track coast by on indistinct mixes of electric guitar, muted backing vocals and a burbling Hammond organ. "I am a creature of habit" he sings, "and most of them are bad." Likewise, his steady formula encourages a deja ecoute feeling which begins to dog each successive blues/folk track. Justin Carroll's Hammond shrugs politely through conservatively crafted verse/chorus ballads, while the tone appeals for variation. Not a treasure trove then, but worth sifting through.
Peter Crawley

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Stevo Berube at Berube Communications on (01) 476 3603 or 087 244 2695
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  What is it about songwriters from the Premier County? Young Gemma is better looking, Shane has a wilder lifestyle but, like those two Tipp émigrés, Darby also writes fine songs. The evidence can be heard on his debut album All The Riches.

Born in rural Co Tipperary but now based in Dublin, Darby has drawn from a range of influences over the years to emerge with an album full of lyrical and musical strengths.

Having survived a doomed career in London's financial services, living in a Hindu commune, working in Dublin's legendary Dandelion Market, an equally dismal career as Ireland's first tofu manufacturer (true!), managing various bookshops on Dublin's quays, and several different band line-ups and name changes, Darby finally realised his musical potential when he enlisted Dave McCune to produce his album. With a track record including soundtrack work on the Irish film Goldfish Memory (Dir. Liz Gill) as well as a
number of Irish Number One albums (including hits for Joe Dolan!) McCune was an obvious choice. McCune's musical versatility (drums and acoustic guitar) and sympathetic organic recording approach allowed Darby to buff and hone his songs into the finished product, All The Riches.

Mercy is probably the album's most exhilarating track. Built on a drums and bass groove (bass played by Tony Molloy) that Mick Fleetwood and John McVie used to effortlessly produce, this track deals with the relentless nature of long term love.

Other potential singles on the album include Windows into Wonder, Luckiest Man, Old Habits and the title track, All The Riches.

The finished album found its way to the award-winning Noiseannoys team on Dublin City Anna Livia FM. This show won a Fair Play For Airplay Award for its commitment to playing new Irish artists.

After expressing surprise that Darby did not have a deal David & Gavan set about bringing this fine piece of work to a wider public. Both presenters have been down this road before with their own bands and have brought this experience to bear on this project. "We get a lot of material sent to the show and this is definitely the strongest unreleased album I've heard in a while" said presenter Gavan Kierans. Co-presenter David O'Mahony has done a fine job on the art work with a particularly melancholic cover.

When not writing and recording cracking albums like All The Riches, Darby concentrates upon painting. His subject matter, as in his songs, reflects life experience in a pure emotionally drenched tone.

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