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  Collective Hallucination

Collective Hallucination is the name given to the band formed by Anthony Frazier and drummer Kenneth Bates. It started out as a two-man thing and soon blossomed to a 9-piece band ala Funkadelic! Anthony says it has been one of the most wonderful experiences in life working with these cats from day to day. Due to illness, Kenneth aka The Time Keeper, was forced to leave in early 2003.

Currently the band is extra strong, with Black Chylde on drums, The Funky Basement on bass, DeVyne on lead and background vocals, Joli on lead and background vocals and Ant Boogie on guitar and backing vocals.

It began years ago with an idea to front a band that would bring elements of funk; rock and soul back. Ant Boogie started going to open mic poetry shows with his acoustic guitar and signing the list as Icon Experience. When he would step up to do his thing, he would mess folks mind up with the choice of songs he would perform. They would be acoustic versions of rock songs and a load of Prince and INXS songs. Many asked what Icon Experience stood for and he told them it was the name of the band he would one day front.
Enter Montrose. In 1999, Ant met Montrose, an artist, musician from Dallas through a mutual friend. He sent a copy of his cd, "Invisible Milk" to Ant and he was immediately blown away by what he heard. Montrose and Ant became friends instantly and they've been friends ever since. One night, while visiting Houston, Montrose and Ant hooked up for a jam session of sorts with Kenny at a friend’s barbershop. Kenny and Ant have bonded ever since and they've been like brothers since that chance meeting. After jamming together Icon Experience was born!

One day while shopping, Anthony picked up an issue of Yahoo! Internet Life magazine with Prince on the cover. He spoke about the music industry being in a state of uncertainty, a collective hallucination. Those two words stuck out like the color pink on a black canvas.
Ant Boogie immediately went to the band and said we must change our name. When folks see us, it's definitely not what they hear. So the band agreed and the name was changed to Collective Hallucination. Besides, Collective Hallucination has a certain “what did they say” ring to it.

Since that time, and a number of personnel changes, Collective Hallucination has sold out a number of shows at different venues throughout the city. They’ve opened up for George Clinton at the annual funk fest which local radio station KMJQ Majic 102 puts on every year. The crowd enjoyed their set and they were invited to do many other shows around the Houston area. The band has headlined their own shows at Scott Gertner's Skybar and The Red Cat Jazz Festival as well as The Breakfast Klub.

On Ant Boogie’s birthday July 19th, 2002, the band played before a sold out crowd at the very popular night spot Ovations in the Rice Village area of Houston.

Collective Hallucination just finished wrapping up the recording of “Collective Hallucination presents: Heavy Rhyme Experience Part II” with a number of Houston based spoken word artist which will be released in mid 2004. On September 9th, 2003 the band the released their debut cd, “Collective Hallucination Presents: The Peripheral Moment”, which features the groundbreaking hit single “Running Away” and the emotionally charged “Little Girl”. Currently, they are writing songs and preparing to record their third full-length cd “The Eternal Quest For Authenticity”, which will be released first quarter 2005.


The Staff

Lenore Clay:
Administrative Director/Events Coordinator: Every band has a heart and a soul behind the scenes. Lenore happens to be the heart and soul behind Collective Hallucination. She helps the band stay organized and on top of their game. She's the team player that keeps the team playing. Lenore handles booking information, rehearsal schedules, and studio schedules among other things for the band. She's the light that shines for the band. Thank You Lenore. The band loves you.

Crystal Walter: Director: Marketing and Promotions
Crystal comes to the Collective Hallucination camp after a stint with Arista Records and The National Association of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS). Crystal is also a member of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). With this extensive background in the way of marketing and promotions, there's no wondering what Crystal brings to the band! Crystal will handle daily operations for Sunnyside Posse Mgmt and Promotions, the promotions company CH is signed to.

Joyce Landry and Wanda Frazier
Product Managers: These two ladies will oversee inventory and accounting for the band's cds at home and abroad.

Make no mistake, Collective Hallucination is raw, uncooked funk rock and soul.

Pick up the single, "Running Away" by Collective Hallucination today!!!

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