Berkeley King Sativa
Perry Blake The Long Winters
Blood or Whiskey Mary Lorson and Billy Cote
Centro-Matic Lost Brothers 
Collective Hallucination Machine Gun Fellatio
Pete Courtney Metisse
Darby Motor Ace
Dave Duffy Michael Nesmith
Ding Dong Denny O'Reilly Neck
Divine Inspiration Novaspace
Dr Millar Puget Sound
D-Vine QFX
The Experimental Pop Band Roesy
Rory Faithfield The Sticks
Fe-mail Striknien DC
Four Bros South San Gabriel
French Kicks Sundrive
• Future Breeze Super AD
Mary Gauthier THINK
George Tomcraft
Hi-Rise Marcus Valentine
Sarah Jane Hudson • Jan Wayne
Incantation feat Tony Hinnigan • Tony Joe White
InMe Yomanda
Jessy Zrazy
Jolly Boys  
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